NFL Players attempt to block Rush Limbaugh’s takeover of the St Louis Rams

 | October 14, 2009


NFL players and civil rights activists have joined forces to block right-winged Rush Limbaugh from buying out struggling St Louis Rams as they believe he is too divisive for a role in the sport.

Limbaugh, a talk show radio host, is also a leader of the conservative opposite to Barack Obama has announced that he and other investors would like to own the NFL team.

The NFL players association have expressed their concerns over the bid and have urged the league to reject it due to LimbaughÂ's history of racially charged remarks making him un-suitable.

Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner, would not comment on the specifics but did say "I would not want to see those kind of comments from people who are in a responsible position within the NFL.Â"

The Rams, who are currently in financial troubles as well as currently holding the worse losing streak in the league at 15 in a row, players have spoken out against the bid with some saying they would simply not play if he was successful with the bid.


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