NFL: Aaron Smith out for the season after shoulder injury

 | October 15, 2009


Aaron Smith has suffered a painful shoulder injury thatÂ'll see him out of the rest of this yearÂ's NFL season which is a massive blow to the Steelers.

Already having lost key player Troy Polamalu for month, losing Smith, who plays in defensive, with a torn rotator cuff in his shoulder will cause problems at the back for the Steelers. SmithÂ's teammates have said that heÂ'll be difficult to replace as he plays a critical role in the team by stopping runs and keeping the line of scrimmage under tight control.

Troy Polamalu, who has begun training again after being out for a month said "A guy like that, I truly believe, is irreplaceable. There's a lot of other big role positions that get a lot of prestige, but who can always be replaced — myself included — but it's always tough when it has to do with our line. I truly believe our defensive line controls the outcome of the game. It's big."

The last time Smith was out injured, he suffered a torn bicep muscle – The Steelers then went on to lose their final 3 out of 4 games of the 2007 season.


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