Mike Sexton becomes 38th member of the Hall of Fame

 | October 16, 2009


The latest poker legend to be invited to join the Hall of Fame is Â"The Ambassador of PokerÂ" Mike Sexton who has been the voice of WPT since 2004 and a successful career as a professional poker player.

The only poker player to be invited into the prestigious club that only has 37 other members this year shows just how much contribution to the game and image of poker Sexton has made.

For the first time since the Poker Hall of Fame began the first round of nominations was open to the general public to show who they believed deserved the honour – Sexton then received overwhelming support from other poker pros and Hall of Fame members who all agreed it was Sexton that should be inducted.

Mike Sexton said "I am deeply honoured to be inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame and it is particularly special because for the first time it was a process that involved the fans, the media and the living members of the Hall of Fame. To me, the most meaningful aspect of this process was the acceptance by the living Hall of Famers who welcomed me into their exclusive club."

Sexton has achieved great things in his time as a poker player raking nearly $4 million in winnings, a WSOP bracelet, and beating Daniel Negreanu in the WSOP Tournament of Champions taking down a cool $1 million of which he donated half to charity.


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