Online Poker Giant PokerStars APPT Auckland Main Event won by Simon Watt

 | October 19, 2009


New Zealander Simon Watt has claimed victory in this yearÂ's APPT Main Event in Auckland. In the process he netted prize money of $209,085 and ensured that the trophy for the New Zealand leg remained on home soil. The 26 year-old will look back on Day 2 of the tournament as the decisive stage, as he stormed through the field, amassing a big chip lead in the process. Watt displayed an impressive array of aggression and patience on the final table eventually beating FranceÂ's Gerome Guitteau at heads-up.

Watt had to rely heavily on luck to get him through, spiking an Ace on the river against Guitteau when heÂ'd previously been in bad shape. Watt claimed victory when he found himself looking down at pocket fives, Guitteau pushed all in and he made the call. The Frenchman turned over K(c)7(c) meaning that Watt was the slight favorite.

The board spread Q(h) 6(d) J(s) 9(d) J(c) meaning that the pockets held and Watt was champion. The APPT now moves out of the SKYCITY Casino in Auckland and on to the next stop, the tropical paradise of Cebu in the Philippines. It runs from November 11-15th


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