Jenson Button crowned F1 Champion 2009 at Interlagos Brazil

 | October 19, 2009


After one of the most dramatic F1 weekends of the season comes to a close it sees Jenson Button crowned as the 2009 F1 Champion at the Interlagos circuit in Brazil.

The weekend kicked off, for most, late on Saturday after heavy rain delayed qualifying for hours as the circuit turned into rivers which not even the extreme wet tyres could handle. By the end of what was a long day for all the drivers Rubens Barrichello was able to nab top spot in his home nation to the delight of the spectators.

The race had everything from pit lane horrors, high speed crashes, superb overtaking manoeuvres from Jenson Button, and driver tantrums. But one thing shone out from the rest – Jenson Button aided by a puncture to Rubens Barrichello which forced him to drop down the points to allow Buttons 5th place finish is enough to end the season there and then taking him beyond catching.

The chaotic start was caused by a number of incidents as the pack squeezed around the Â"Senna SÂ" corner – Ferrari driver, Kimi Raikkonen picked up a broken front wing which saw him need to pit along with the McLaren of Heikki Kovalainen. The McLaren was then released too early – before the fuel hose had been removed and into the path of the Ferrari which saw a plume of fuel sprayed down the pitlane and ignite on the following Ferrari – both cars continued in the race after McLaren was helped by the Brawn GP mechanics to remove the hose pipe.

Button who has been under immense pressure from the media after a number of poor performances put in a great show to seal 5th position from starting way back on the grid and to take the Championship with a rendition of Â"We Are the ChampionsÂ" over the team radio as he crossed the line.

Jenson Button is also now odds on to receive the coveted BBC Sportsman of the Year Award later this year.


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