Shaquille O’Neal to team up with Toys”R”Us this Christmas

 | October 20, 2009


US sports star and four-time NBA Champion Shaquille OÂ'Neal has teamed up with toy giant ToysÂ"RÂ"Us to spread a smile of joy this Christmas to children across America.

The 7ft 1inch is as much of a legend to the needy as he is on the basketball court. Shaq-A-Claus might not have the same ring to it as the red trench coat wearing old guy, but the US sporting icon is as much of a hero to the less fortunate across America as Old Saint Nick. Over the past few years Shaq has made annual visits to ToysÂ"RÂ"Us to buy holiday gifts for children who wonÂ't experience the magic of Christmas. This year the two giants have teamed up in a bid to help 14 million kids across America with the Â"Join Shaq Give BackÂ" campaign. Customers are being encouraged to donate toys and money at ToysÂ"RÂ"Us and BabiesÂ"RÂ"Us stores across America. People can also join the companyÂ's official Facebook page and help those less fortunate this holiday season. Speaking on the campaign, Shaq-A-Claus commented: Â"I'm really just a big kid myself, and I can't imagine a child going without a toy to unwrap during the holidays. Toys are magical for kids! My life was transformed one Christmas morning when, as a boy, I received an autographed Dr. J basketball from Toys"R"Us.Â"

In the wake of a global recession this move by the two parties is set to be a major hit and will undoubtedly bring a happy close to an otherwise gloomy year. Indeed, this move by one of AmericaÂ's biggest sporting stars will help boost the reputation of US sports across the world and reaffirm its elevated status in America.


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