Christophe Savary Wins Africa’s Biggest Poker Tournament at WPT Marrakech

 | October 20, 2009


With the World Poker Tour making its first ever trip to Africa earlier this month, it was Frenchman Christophe Savary that took down the title and €377,262 first prize after defeating Irishman Eoghan OÂ'Dea heads-up.

The tournament, which was the largest ever event to be contested on the continent, attracted an impressive 416 runners who all coughed up the requisite €4,500 to create a staggering prize-pool of €1,648,613 – the lionÂ's share of which went home with Savary after he outdrew OÂ'Dea in the final hand of play.

After three-betting pre-flop, OÂ'Dea saw his continuation bet promptly check-raised by the big-stacked Frenchman on a 9s-Ad-6d board, and he made the call for his tournament life with Ac-3c for top pair. It was certainly good against SavaryÂ's open-ended straight draw with 7c-8c, but with the Irishman at risk, it was OÂ'Dea who had the most to sweat heading to the turn and river.

Unfortunately for OÂ'Dea, the drama was short-lived as the dealer burned and turned the 10c on fourth street to hand Savary the straight and leave him drawing completely dead. However, despite missing out on the title and a seat in this seasonÂ's WPT Championship, OÂ'Dea could certainly console himself with a not-inconsiderable runner-up prize of €262,446 for his stellar efforts in the tournament.

Also at the final table in the cityÂ's Casino De Marrakech was SavaryÂ's illustrious compatriot Ludovic Lacay who, despite being in control for much of the dayÂ's play, disappointingly crashed out in third, and young German hotshot Benny Spindler, who finished just behind him in fifth place.


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