Gambling Revenue in Macau may dry up

 | November 11, 2009


Macau is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the gambling world with more neon-clad establishments springing-up in recent months than anywhere else in the world. The boom in the Asian gambling market has certainly become a major revenue stream for the country but the effect on the countryÂ's streams and rivers has not been so great. Macau is currently on the brink of a drought, prompting fears that drinking water may have to be rationed in the near future.

This is likely to spell disaster for the many casinos across the country as it means many of their facilities will suffer if restrictions are put in place. Luxury bathtubs, ornate water displays and oversized swimming pools will all be on the list of Â"non-essentialÂ" items listed by the government which means the casinos will have to drastically rethink their strategies.

Although the gambling economy is still relatively strong throughout the country (despite the economic downturn) this latest crisis could mean many of the major casinos and hotels will lose a huge chunk of their revenue. Indeed, Macau is now the largest gambling centre in ahead of Las Vegas but even that wonÂ't safeguard the industry if the current crisis drags on for too long.


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