Aussie Millions 2011 Begins

 | January 14, 2011


On Day 1a John Overbeek came on top with 197,200 chips which took nine hours to gain and draw the day to a close.

The day began with 294 players and ended with a small 38, who will be going through to Day 2 of the tournament to face players that manage to stay on top.

Day 1b finished with Martin Drew and Tolly Sakellariou at the top of the game but there is also Day 1c to look forward to, which will reveal the final line up.

286 entrants took to the tables on Day 1b with only 42 players left; who will join the final line up for Day 2 after Day 1c takes place.

Drew ended the day with an impressive 218,800 stack which is slightly higher than Tolly Sakellarious`s 207, 400 so for now they remain to be the biggest stack holders in group 1b.

The final group of the event, before all the finalists join, is 1c and they will play from 12:30 pm EST so if you are eager to see the results the wait won`t be too long.

As the Day 1 will come to a close every player that has been eliminated will have the chance to take a seat again in the hopes of winning the elusive and coveted Aussie Millions gold ring so we wish good luck to all of them as we eagerly await the start of Day 1c.

Kate Kayuda


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