Coventry club pioneers tablet-only bingo

 | September 3, 2012


A bingo club in Coventry is to offer its games on tablet computers.

The cityÂ's famous Rialto venue is reopening and seeking to attract a younger audience with the innovative technological twist, which the club says is a UK first.

As well as using the devices to mark their cards, players can also play fruit machine games on the computers, while food and drink can also be ordered on them, all without customers having to leave their seats.

Paul Hocking, who along with his wife Karen is behind the reopening of the club, said: Â"WeÂ're the first electronic-only bingo club in the country. The technology is fantastic and itÂ's the first time itÂ's been piloted like this anywhere in the UK.

Â"WeÂ're looking to introduce bingo to a younger market. The decor and the whole experience will lend itself to groups and all ages, not just elderly women.Â"

The new Rialto opens on Saturday 8 September.


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