Full Tilt to be rebranded?

 | July 17, 2013


A comprehensive rebranding of the online poker operator Full TiltÂ's branding may be on the cards according to media reports this week. If burgeoning speculation is to be believed then Full Tilt Poker will soon become Full Tilt Gaming and the change would allow the company to expand beyond merely poker and become a more comprehensive online gaming provider.

The rebranding effort would be beneficial for the Rational Group, Full TiltÂ's overarching owners, as the widening of the siteÂ's gaming options would bring in fresh members. It has been noted by the company that Full TiltÂ's poker activity has stopped growing and Rational will be desperate to get membership growing again. The rebranding exercise will also go a long way in reversing Full TiltÂ's previously toxic reputation with gamers, earned after the events of Black Friday, before it was taken over by Rational. The addition of online casinos may also mean the site is able to take advantage of recent legalisation of gaming in some parts of the US.


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