Bookies offer Royal baby betting as Kate goes into labour

 | July 22, 2013


As excitement reaches fever pitch and millions of Britons take a breath and a break from what they were doing previously – and on a Monday morning thereÂ's normally plenty to be doing – we can at least make it a bit more interesting with a dose of speculation.

No, itÂ's not one of the many incredible sporting events that took place over the weekend, where our athletes performed at the highest standard to bring the British Isles more glory – but the birth of a Royal baby.

It has broken this morning that Kate Middleton has gone into labour, but you knew that of course, unless youÂ're completely unattached to the world, or possibly have spent the morning riding the underground for the past three or four hours, in which case what you need probably canÂ't be found here. What you need is something a bit stronger, and probably a shower.

Here though, we can speculate, because thatÂ's what happens in popular culture now. We can guess what Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge will name their child. And while they have kept the gender of their baby secret there is also a market for that.

YouÂ're going to need to get these bets on quick, mind.

A girl is the favourite at 4/9 (Sky Bet) while a boy can be backed at 13/8 (Sky Bet).

The top names according to the bookies are: Alexandra (5/2), Charlotte (7/1), George (7/1), Victoria (8/1) and James (11/1), all with Sky Bet.

Some of the names down the bottom of the pile, however, make for interesting reading too. You can back Wayne, which would make it Wayne Windsor of course, at 500/1 (Paddy Power), while Tulisa, Basil and Elvis are all available at 500/1 with Ladbrokes.

Paddy Power are also offering the chance to bet on the babyÂ's future career, with a career in art the favourite at 10/1. YouÂ'll get 20/1 on a music career, 33/1 on a modelling career and 90/1 on a journalist.

There are, however, no markets in play for how many front pages will be taken up tomorrow by the image of a baby being held aloft, a bit Lion King style, for the nation. But weÂ'd bet on all of them, if of course it comes today.

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