888ladies unveil bingo refurb

 | December 3, 2013


Online gaming site 888ladies have revamped their bingo offering as part of a new ‘You Make it GreatÂ' campaign.

888ladies Bingo now boasts a new look, new features and a Â"fresh new attitudeÂ" following the decision by operators 888.com to reposition the brand.

888 decided to bring their female-focused bingo offering more in line with their Â"consumer centricÂ" and Â"entertainment-focusedÂ" visions after surveying current 888ladies customers as well as other online bingo enthusiasts.

The newly revamped site has introduced features such as the ‘Make it greatÂ' vote, which allows players to voice their online bingo preferences, while a casino games section featuring slots and instant games has been added to the lobby.

This has all been complemented by a refreshed look and interface designed to improve user experience.

The changes are being supported by a new multimedia campaign, including a television advert, which highlights how real women can make their 888ladies experience Â"greatÂ".

The campaign also involves a series of promotions, including no-deposit ‘£888 Free BingoÂ' rooms for new players, a £15k jackpot game and ‘£500 Free Daily BingoÂ' rooms.

In addition, the site are also offering a welcome bonus where new players can play with £35 from a deposit of £10.

"The rebranding of 888ladies will improve the player experience and give them a voice, whilst retaining the essence of what keeps our players coming backÂ" said Itai Pazner, senior vice president of 888Â's consumer operations.

Â"ItÂ's the community of players that make 888ladies such a great place to play bingo, and our new approach reinforces that message.Â"


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