Gala offers £60k to bingo newbies

 | April 30, 2014


Online bingo room Gala Bingo is giving new players the chance to win a share of £60,000, without having to spend a penny, if they register before 18 May.

The cash will be up for grabs to players in the siteÂ's Newbie Room, where there will also be "more funds, more fun" and more time to play. The room's opening hours will be increased for the duration of the offer, leaving players free to enjoy games from 12pm-12am.

There will also be £3,000 in bingo bonuses paid out each day, on top of the roomÂ's usual promotions.

This means new players will still be granted five daysÂ' worth of free bingo from the day after they sign up. Punters can win up to £20 in bonus funds per game, and no deposit is required.

Players will also automatically receive a £40 welcome bonus to play with when they deposit £10 for bingo tickets.

Another Gala Bingo offer worth £60,000, known as the ‘£60k SizzlerÂ' is currently available, with players first having to make it through four weeks of qualifying games.

Even for those who don't make the cut, all is not lost. They will be entered into a prize draw to win a ticket to one of four upcoming £10k "Golden Games".

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