Chance to win £10,000 for free at Wish Bingo

 | July 7, 2014


A month-old bingo site is kicking off by offering punters a weekly free game with a guaranteed £10,000 jackpot.

Wish Bingo – the latest site to launch from the Mandalay Media group – will get off the ground with The Weekly Gold Souk every Friday night.

The free competition offers the full house winner a chance to take home £2,500, while the 2 line winner and 1 line winner will walk away £1,500 or £1000 richer respectively.

But even apart from these three big winners, every single person with a ticket will benefit from the perks of this offer. The remaining £5,000 will be split between them equally, with everyone getting a little something for their time.

While to the game is free players must have placed a deposit, which can be of any size, on the Wish Bingo site in the last seven days for access.

The jackpot will be split at 10pm every Friday night.

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