$52m lottery ticket yet to be claimed in Vancouver

 | July 18, 2014


A person in Langely, Vancouver has just won a lot of money. The problem is nobody knows who they are, and itÂ's likely they donÂ't even know it themselves.

The $52m ticket – which ties with the biggest win ever in British Columbia – was purchased three weeks ago on 14 March, but the winner is yet to come forward.

While Chris Fairclough, B.C Lottery Corporation spokesman, said that there are a Â"small percentageÂ" of prizes each year that go unclaimed he added the Â"vast majority of these are for a few dollars or a free playÂ", not a life-changing sum like this.

However he did recount the story of one woman last year who won $25m. Fairclough said that Â"everyone was wondering where she wasÂ" when her prize went unclaimed for three weeks while she was holidaying in Europe.

This yearÂ's lucky unknown is being given until 14 March, 2015 to collect their prize. Since there are no taxes or service fees, until then they will be able to collect their winnings in full.

However the BCLC is encouraging anyone who brought a ticket in Langely around that time to check their pockets and fast, because the winner is missing out on a fortune in interest while their prize goes unclaimed.

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