Leicester student has life changed by scratchcard win

 | October 28, 2014


A student from Leicester has turned loose change into life-changing money, after winning £70,000 off a £2 scratchcard.

Kat Mountain, an art student at De Montfort University, has won enough money to pay off her student debt, and will be using the money to put a deposit on a house.

The 21-year-old bought the scratchcard from change that was leftover after buying food from a local shop in Leicester.

Kat said:Â"I had just finished a day shift and popped in to Tesco to get a few bits and pieces to make dinner for me and my boyfriend.

Â"I thought IÂ'd get a scratchcard. I liked the bright green colour of the 7x Lucky one so I thought IÂ'd go for that.

Â"I got into my car and started scratching the card and couldnÂ't believe what I saw. I got a match with my lucky number.Â"

Kat has so far spent £2,000 of the money to buy equipment for the De Montfort fencing club and will now be able to fund her postgraduate studies.


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