Phil Ivey to be granted marijuana permit

 | November 5, 2014


Poker player Phil Ivey is on a list of 26 people to have been approved a pot permit by the Las Vegas city council.

While smoking marijuana is illegal in the US, a person can be given a permit to take the drug for medicinal purposes.

The list approved more than double the number that was initially permitted by Nevada regulators, which was in danger of not being implemented after a motion was filed on behalf of Councilman Bob Coffin to delay proceedings, but was rejected by a split 3-3 vote.

Ivey now must seek approval from the state health department along with the other applicants, before the City Council will hold a final suitability meeting.

The City Council held a 16-hour meeting to discuss licensing entitlements that had been sought by 50 potential marijuana business operators across two separate days.

The latest business venture for Ivey follows the closure of his coaching and social website,, due to a lack of business interest from fellow poker professionals.

The American has accumulated wealth of over $21m in career earnings, and has ventured into other businesses, including his role as the face of internet gaming venture Pala Indian Tribe.


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