Poll finds what bingo players would spend their winnings on

 | December 9, 2014


Paying off debts is what a majority of bingo players would do with their winnings, a National Bingo Game poll has found.

Players across the UK were asked the question: Â"If you won a cash prize of £250,000 what would you spend your winnings on?Â"

A majority of 52% of players said they would improve their financial situation by paying any outstanding debts, convincingly beating the 22% figure that would opt to take their family away on holiday, which charted in second place.

Other top answers to make it into the poll were buying a new car (4%), gifts for friends and family (1%) and buying a caravan (1%), with no participants choosing to update their wardrobe or buy a boat as a top answer.

One in three players also chose the figure of £1,000 as what they would consider to be a big win.

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