69-year-old lottery winner bags £43m

 | June 26, 2015


A 69-year-old grandmother has scooped the prize of a lifetime with a £4.3m lottery win.

Jane Lewis, from Halifax, claimed the multi-million pound prize this week after buying her first Lucky Dip, having stuck to the same numbers every week since the lottery launched in 1994.

She said: Â"IÂ've never bought a lucky dip before, and never on a Wednesday. I always put my numbers up on Monday, without fail, but I had this strange sense I needed to but this ticket.Â"

Her intuition certainly served her well, phoning one of her five sons to confirm the win.

Â"He came straight round. We checked the numbers together and sure enough, I was right. We fell into fits of giggles... I was a millionaire. It was so bizarre.Â"

Ms Lewis plans to buy a new home with her winnings, and treated herself to a new pair of M&S slippers the day after discovering her success.

Â"I usually get a pair every year from M&S because I love their slippers,Â" said the grandmother of 11. Â"It was nice to buy a pair this year and not have to worry about the cost. They have gone up to £18 now, you know.Â"

The winning numbers on her ticket, purchased at the Sowerby Bridge Tesco in Halifax, were 2, 8, 12, 15, 21 and 42.


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