Gala Bingo to launch new club in Southampton

 | July 31, 2015


Gala Bingo is set to build its first new club for nine years in Antelope Park, Southampton.

Following previous announcements of a bingo tax reduction from 20% to 10% in the 2014 budget, Gala Bingo has committed to an investment of £5m in the new project.

Gala Bingo also scrapped plans to close nine clubs as a result of the reduction, and aims to invest £40m into its programme of club refurbishments.

The operator expects the development to create 50 new jobs in the local community.

The venue will provide two separate sections in which to play the same bingo games, in order to attract a younger clientele whilst allowing the operatorÂ's traditional audience to play in a quieter environment complete with sound proof glass.

Also to feature in the new club will be a slot machine arcade, a pub-style food menu and an outdoor terrace.

Simon Wykes, managing director of Gala Bingo, said: Â"Gala Bingo is delighted to keep its commitment to the treasury with the construction of a new build club.

Â"With a total investment of £5m, the new Southampton club is a first in so many ways for Gala bingo.

Â"ItÂ's not only the first, full new build Gala bingo Club in nine years; the concept caters for all types of bingo layers, both regular and new.

Â"There is something for everyone.Â"

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