Second lottery win for Staffordshire lorry driver

 | December 14, 2015


Stuart Powell of Featherstone has struck lucky for a second time on the National Lottery, bagging one million pounds on the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Maker draw.

The lorry driver hit the jackpot four years after his previous win, when he matched five numbers and the bonus ball on the Lotto to net a cool £55,000.

It was only a mistake at the Lichfield shop where Mr. Powell bought his ticket that made the win possible, with the shop assistant accidentally selling him a ticket for the draw on November 24.

Mr. Powell had intended to purchase a ticket for the Euromillions draw on Friday 20 November, for which the Rollover jackpot stood at £119m.

Mr. Powell said: Â"I won £55,464 on November 30 2011, my birthday, and gave all of it away to my children and wife.Â"

The father-of-three intends to buy wife Denise a Range Rover and a house for each of his children.

He added: Â"The timing couldnÂ't be better with Christmas around the corner.

Â"Maybe when I sit at the table on Christmas day it may start to sink in.

Â"To think I have won twice is just unbelievable; itÂ's the stuff of dreams.Â"

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