Lotto winner in tears as he tells his wife the news

 | February 4, 2016


A grandfather from East Kilbride broke down in tears as he told his wife: Â"WeÂ're millionaires.Â"

Arthur Howard, a 73-year-old taxi driver, won a millionaire raffle in the Euromillions draw.

His son Allan told East Kilbride news that ArthurÂ's wife Emma and daughter Sandra had returned home from shopping and were the last to hear the news.

Â"My mum was puzzled when she came home and saw everyone at the windows,Â" he said. Â"My dad took her hand and, through tears, said: ‘Hen, weÂ're millionaires.Â'Â"ItÂ's without a doubt the happiest time of our lives.

Â"My mum and dad arenÂ't drinkers but the champagne came out after that.Â"

He did not delay in handing in his notice at the taxi firm he worked for, where his boss threatened to fire him if he didn't resign.

His boss, Allan Black of Kelvin Kabs, said: Â"WeÂ'll be sad to see him go but good luck to him.Â"

Arthur, who spends £20 a week on the lottery playing five lines every Friday and Saturday, was in disbelief when his numbers came up.

The couple are unsure how theyÂ'll spend their new wealth, but for now the pair have booked a weekÂ's holiday in Dubai.

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