Freddie Freeman agrees to a six-year $162m deal with the LA Dodgers

 | March 17, 2022

With the MLB lockout over, players are finding new teams. Freddie Freeman is one of the first to sign a blockbuster $162m deal with the Dodgers


After winning the World Series with the Atlanta Braves in 2021, Freddie Freeman became a free agent. This was the first time he's ever reached free agency in his entire career. Today, Freeman, 32, agreed to a six-year $162m deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

In his 12th year in Major League Baseball, Freeman batted .300, ranking eighth in the National League. Adding to his already impressive statistics, Freeman hit 31 home runs, 83 RBIs, and led the NL in runs (120).

Freeman's deal comes in as the second-highest in average annual value for a first baseman in league history. For all positions, this deal comes in as the seventh-highest in average annual value.

Although expensive, this was a smart move for the Dodgers as they now have a total of four former MVPs. Freeman joins fellow former MVPs in Mookie Betts, Cody Bellinger, and Clayton Kershaw.

Freeman is an efficient batter and will now join a lineup that led the NL with 5.1 runs per game. With the odds opening for NL MVP, Freeman, Bets, and Trae Turner have three of the six best odds to win.

Some were shocked by the fact that Atlanta allowed Freeman to hit free agency at all. The truth is, they made him a deal to extend his contract for $18m. As a shock to no one, Freeman turned it down knowing he could get more in free agency.

Freeman is a five-time NL All-Star, won a Gold Glove in 2018, and won multiple Silver Slugger awards. In each of the last three seasons, he's finished top-ten in NL MVP balloting, Freeman won in 2020.


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