Lerner family, owners of the Washington Nationals, consider selling

 | April 12, 2022

After owning the franchise since 2006, the family has begun to explore the possibility of selling


Although the MLB season has just begun, the Lerner family, owners of the Washington Nationals, might sell the team. It was told to Manager Dave Martinez on Monday morning by principal owner Mark Lerner.

This news was delivered shortly before the team had to play a game against the Atlanta Braves. In previous years, Mark Lerner had stated that the family would "never" sell the team. 

It's safe to say the news took Martinez by surprise, who said: "To say the least, I was shocked. Those are big decisions that the Lerner family had to make. I'll support than in any way possible. This doesn't mean my relationship with the Lerner family goes away. We're still in this. I know they're very committed to this organization, as am I."

First reported by the Washington Post, the family has hired a firm to find investors to purchase either the full team or a portion of it. Forbes has valued the Washington Nationals at $2bn, in 2020 hedge fund manager Steve Cohen bought the New York Mets for $2.4bn.

Sixteen years ago, when the team was first purchased, the Lerner family paid $450m, so the team has grown considerably in worth since then. The franchise won its first World Series in 2019, led by pitcher Stephen Strasburg. 

Martinez made a note that he speaks with principal owner Mark Lerner each day. He added in his statement: "We always talk about the circle of trust, and the Lerner family and this organization is part of that circle," he said. "But this is our main focus, so let's get the boys ready to play and go play good baseball."

The Nationals beat the Atlanta Braves 11-2 on Monday, game two of the series will take place on April 12, 2022, in Atlanta. 


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