NFL News: Three superstar WR's in the NFL will skip on-field work during offseason programs

 | April 18, 2022

In an effort to push for high-paying contracts, these players will sit out to start the offseason workouts


During an offseason where multiple wide receivers have received blockbuster deals, three of the league's best are pushing to receive one of their own. They'll do so by skipping the on-field work during the offseason. 

Now, it's not necessarily a full "hold-out" situation just yet but could potentially become one if this isn't settled soon. This news was courtesy of Adam Schefter of ESPN, who released the information via his sources. 

The three wide receivers are Deebo Samuel (49ers), A.J. Brown (Titans), and Terry McLaurin (Commanders). Each of these players is looking for new deals, but McLaurin is expected to report to the Commanders camp while his contract is under review. 

It's not surprising that these players are looking for better contracts after what the market has been for other receivers this offseason. However, all three players still have one year remaining on their rookie contracts.

When taking a look around the league, you can see the market is going up for great wide receivers. Davante Adams secured a five-year $142.5m contract with the Las Vegas Raiders in March. The contract includes $67.5m in guarantees and will pay Adams an annual average of $28.5m.

Shortly after, the Miami Dolphins acquired Tyreek Hill on a four-year $120m contract after a trade with the Kansas City Chiefs. Hill will earn $30m each year with $72.2 million guaranteed and $52.535 at signing. 

Of the three receivers currently skipping on-field work, Deebo Samuel likely has the most leverage. He had a huge 2021 outing where he helped lead the San Francisco 49ers to the NFC Championship game. He finished fifth in the NFL with 1,405 receiving yards, caught six touchdown passes and rushed for eight touchdowns.

Another receiver that could ask for a new deal before the start of the season is Seattle's, DK Metcalf. However, there are rumors that he could request to be traded as well. 


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