Jaire Alexander and the Green Bay Packers agree to a four-year $84m extension

 | May 17, 2022


Monday marked a $30m signing bonus for Alexander as part of the extension.


In a blockbuster signing, the Green Bay Packers have decided to extend DB Jaire Alexander for an additional four years. Although it was no surprise, it is rather remarkable the size of the contract extension Alexander has been given.

First was the record for the largest defensive back signing bonus in NFL history at $30m, which is part of the four-year extension. Alexander's agent, John Thornton reported the deal to ESPN's Adam Schefter. 

The new contract averages $21m per year, which is a new high for defensive backs. This signing, although large, will actually clear salary cap room for the Packers. Before the deal, the team had roughly $11m in cap space.

Shortly before the NFL Draft, Packers GM Brian Gutekunst alluded to an extension for Alexander, stating: "I think we'll get [through] this draft weekend and we'll go down that road with some of those players."

Gutenkunst spoke more about Alexander during this offseason: "He's such a big part of what we're doing; he's been such a good player for us since the day he kind of arrived. We'd love for [an extension] to happen. Certainly, we've been in communication with his representation and we will continue to be as we go through the year."

Due to a shoulder injury, Alexander only played four games during the 2021 regular season. He returned for the Divisional Round playoff game between the Packers and the San Francisco 49ers. 

He's led the Packers in pass breakups in each of his first three seasons with the team. Earlier in the offseason, the Packers also resigned CB Rasul Douglas to a three-year, $21m contract. 


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