World Cup bonuses to be equally split between USWNT and USMNT

 | May 18, 2022


The new collective bargaining agreements will see both US teams receive equal compensation.


Unions of both the United States men's and women's national soccer teams have come to a new agreement regarding the World Cup bonuses. On Wednesday, the federation and the two unions announced it would be equally split.

This new collective bargaining agreement or CBA, will go into effect on June 1 and run until the end of 2028. The U.S. National Soccer Team Players Association (USNSTPA), representing the men's players, had operated without a CBA since the close of 2018.

The deal for the U.S. Women's National Team Players Association (USWNTPA) ended at the close of 2021 but was extended. U.S. Soccer Federation President Cindy Parlow Cone had noted that the new CBAs would need to address these bonuses, which in fact, they did.

 The CBAs also put into effect the financial settlement between the USWNT and the federation. 

Via a video call to ESPN, Cone said: "I've been saying it for a long time. I wanted to lead on this. I wanted U.S. Soccer to lead on this. But we couldn't do it alone. We needed both the men's players and the men's [union] and the women's players and the women's [union] to come together in one room to negotiate a contract."

She continued: "And I'll be honest, there were days that I didn't think we were going to get it across the line. But we are here, and I'm just so incredibly proud of what we have accomplished and what it is going to mean, not only for the game here in the U.S. but globally."

Now, instead of working against each other for the attention and support of the USSF, they'll work to benefit both unions.

Nashville SC defender Walker Zimmerman voiced his excitement for the new CBAs, stating: "I'm really excited to start this partnership almost fresh, a clean slate. We're working together."

Women's national team forward, Midge Purce said: "I think what this CBA does is it finally creates that 'One Nation. One Team.' And I think that it's really brought us together under that ideology that we've been chasing after for a really long time."



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