Dallas Mavericks fined $100k for bench-decorum violation

 | May 23, 2022


This marks the third time the Mavericks have been fined this postseason.


Yet again, the Dallas Mavericks find themselves being fined by the NBA. This time, the team was fined $100k for violating bench decorum during their game against the Warriors on Sunday.

The statement from the NBA cites occasions during the game where "several players and a member of the coaching staff stood for an extended period in the Mavericks' team bench area, stood away from the team bench, and were on or encroaching upon the playing court during game action."

During the postseason, the Dallas Mavericks have been fined three times for the same violation. Dallas was assessed fines for similar infractions after a Game 2 loss and a Game 7 win against the Phoenix Suns.

In regards to the fines, Mavericks Head Coach Jason Kidd stated: "It's the league's decision to fine, but we're not going to sit. We're going to cheer. The positive is the bench can look at it as they're donating to a nice charity."

Kidd continued: "The league is worried about the wrong thing. You have millionaires cheering on other millionaires. Doesn't happen in this society. And the enthusiasm of the game, for a teammate to cheer on another teammate is special. And I think sometimes we're focused on the wrong thing."

On one occasion, this excessive standing by the Mavericks players impacted the game. The Golden State Warriors committed a turnover due to a player in a white shirt standing near the sideline. Curry passed to the player and it turned out that it was  Theo Pinson, a Mavericks player on the bench.

Warriors' Head Coach Steve Kerr said: "I don't mind as long as it doesn't interfere with the game. I don't mind it. I love the fact that Dallas' bench is energetic and talking trash and into it. I think that's what fans want to see."

He continued: "They want to see a team that cares and they want to see energy and chemistry. So I love it, but when it interferes with the game, that's when it crosses the line."

The Warriors lead the Western Conference Finals 3-0, with the next game set to be played on May 24. 


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