Pro Bowl operations being discussed by the NFL

 | May 25, 2022


Eliminating the AFC vs. NFC game is one of the main changes being proposed


NFL owners have gotten together recently to discuss changes to the operations of the Pro Bowl. The league has also spoken with players and NFL teams. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has also been in on these meetings.

The NFL is planning on having a decision made on the Pro Bowl by the end of the summer. No vote is needed on the alterations if the league decides to make alterations to the week-long celebration.

Goodell has said that the NFL is considering making the Pro Bowl more of a celebration instead of having an actual game. On Tuesday, Goodell said: "I think the conclusion [of discussions] was that the game itself doesn't work, and we need to find another way to celebrate our players."

The game itself has taken a step back in recent years with players opting out of the game. Since 1938, the NFL has played a traditional Pro Bowl game in some fashion. Last season's game could mark the end of the format entirely. 

After talks with the union and players, Goodell and the NFL have concluded the game was ineffective. They haven't released numbers, but viewership could've also made an impact on the league's decision. 

Goodell went on to say: "[The goal is] to celebrate that these are our Pro Bowl players, the best players in our league, and give them an opportunity to celebrate that with our fans."

"We've talked about some of the events around the Pro Bowl are really, extremely popular, whether the quarterback challenge or some of the other events. So those are some of the things we will continue to discuss."

The 2022 NFL regular season will begin on Thursday, September 8.


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