Colin Kaepernick's workout for the Las Vegas Raiders considered a "positive"

 | May 27, 2022


No deal was offered but the team noted his arm strength and conditioning.


On Thursday, Colin Kaepernick had a scheduled workout with the Las Vegas Raiders, but as of Thursday night, no deal was offered. However, that isn't to say Kaepernick didn't have an impressive workout.

Sources told ESPN that the Raiders considered the workout to be "positive". Many believe that Kaepernick could serve as a backup to Derek Carr, considering the team doesn't have many options at the position.

Kaepernick is 34 years old and hasn't played in the NFL since 2016. It's also important to note that his final year in the league wasn't considered a good one. The only team that has brought him in for a visit since then, other than the Raiders is the Seattle Seahawks in 2017.

Raiders Head Coach Josh McDaniels stated he didn't give starting QB Derek Carr a heads up on the scheduled workout. 

McDaniels said: "Nah, I mean, I think Derek's pretty comfortable with where he's at. I think he knows who he is for us and I know he knows how I feel about him, how we feel about him. I don't think that's really a big thing to Derek at this point."

Not very long ago, Carr signed a three-year, $121.5m extension. The Raiders also brought in WR Davante Adams, one of Carr's best friends and targets when they played together at Fresno State.

McDaniels continued: "I think he knows this is his football team and he's working like it on the field and he's leading the way that we want him to lead and he's doing all the right things. I couldn't ask more from Derek Carr and very pleased with what he's doing so far."

McDaniels is in his first year as a head coach for the Raiders after spending a combined 19 seasons under Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots.

Derek Carr was not available to reporters on Thursday.


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