NBA Finals Game 1: Boston Celtics vs. Golden State Warriors

 | June 2, 2022


The first game of the series will give us a look at Boston's plan for Golden State's offense.


We're going to get our first look at the NBA Finals tonight at 9:00 PM ET. The Boston Celtics will travel to Golden State to play the Warriors in the opening game of the series.

One question that everyone is wondering is how Boston's defense will perform against the Warriors' offense. We, however, have another question. That question is how will Boston's offense find more ways to score tonight?

If the Celtics can't find ways to create more scoring opportunities, they'll lose this game. Through their series with the Heat, the Celtics averaged just 105 points per game. That amount of offense won't work against the Warriors. 

Of course, they could partially rely on their defense to give them a hand here. However, the Warriors have played some pretty tough defenses, most recently the Dallas Mavericks, who ranked second in points allowed per game. 

Golden State made quick work of the Mavericks, averaging 115.2 points per game and beating them 4-1 in the series. If the Celtics aren't careful, they could find themselves falling into the same trap. 

For the Warriors, the most important thing to them is shutting down Jayson Tatum. If Golden State can limit his effectiveness, they should be able to win and cover the 3.5-point spread. 

If you'd rather take the Warriors one the Moneyline, you can do so with the Warriors coming in at -170. It's also important to remember that the Warriors are at home tonight and are relatively healthy. 

The only players that the Warriors will be without are Gary Payton II and Andre Iguodala. For the Boston Celtics, Robert Williams III is listed as "day-to-day" but should take the court tonight.

Between these two teams, we have the Warriors winning Game 1 of this series and covering the spread. Golden State has a great record at home in this postseason. In fact, Golden State hasn't lost a single game at home during the playoffs this year.



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