After twelve straight losses, Los Angeles Angels fire Joe Maddon

 | June 8, 2022


Phil Nevin has been named as interim manager of the 27-30 team.


After communicating with the Los Angeles Angels owner Arte Moreno, GM Perry Minasian decided to let go of Joe Maddon. From there, he drove to Maddon's house to let him know that he was being let go.

Maddon was brought back to the organization in 2019 but this season has quickly turned sour for the Angels. They've lost their last 13 games, twelve of which were when Joe Maddon was still the manager. 

The team started off the season great and currently ranks second in the AL West, even after the 13 straight losses. However, Minasian believed it was time for a change in leadership.

During a news conference, Minasian said: "It's tough. Disappointed it's come to this. I really like the man. It's somebody I'm gonna talk to the rest of my life. Just the conversations daily. Who he is, what he's about."

Minasian continued: "You guys were around him -- the energy he brings, how consistent he is on a daily basis. It's tough. It's tough. But you gotta be able to take emotion out of things and make decisions. I've taken the emotion out of it and taken a step back. Looking at where I'm at, as tough of a decision as it is, I felt like it was the right thing to do."

Phil Nevin, who joined the team as a coach this season, was named interim manager and will remain as such through the end of the season. Mike Gallego will replace Nevin as the team's third-base coach.

Minasian went on to talk about the team's recent performance, stating: "There hasn't been one phase of the game where we've been good. We've struggled on the mound, we've struggled at the plate, we've struggled defensively, we've struggled baserunning. The one thing I will say is the effort's been great."

The Los Angeles Angels will face the Boston Red Sox again today at 9:38 PM ET. 


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