Los Angeles Rams lock in Cooper Kupp on a 3-year $80m extension

 | June 9, 2022


The contract between Los Angeles and Kupp comes a few days after Aaron Donald's extension.


After granting Aaron Donald a new contract that guarantees him a $40m raise over his last four years, the Rams have now locked in Cooper Kupp on a three-year extension.

The new contract, which is valued at $80m over the next three years, includes $75m of guaranteed money. The contract was first revealed to ESPN's Adam Schefter on Wednesday afternoon. 

The total deal is worth $110m over the five years involved, it's the highest amount of guaranteed money ever given to an NFL wide receiver. 

In a video released by the Rams, Kupp expressed his excitement stating: "Really glad to be coming back to Los Angeles and be here in the long haul. This is going to be an incredible ride. Can't wait to get back at it."

In 2021, Kupp led the NFL with 145 catches for 1,947 yards and 16 touchdowns during the regular season. He also earned the illustrious AP Offensive Player of the Year and the Super Bowl MVP award.

Kupp also noted he's not looking to compete financially with other wide receivers, saying: "I'm not trying to compare myself. I'm not trying to say, 'OK, well where was Tyreek [Hill] at? All those guys that got deals, where were all those guys at? And I need to be higher than them in certain places.'"

He also noted that he was looking for a team-friendly contract, saying he wanted "Something that's great for the team, something that's great for me and my family as well."

Since the merger of 1970, Kupp is one of just eight players with 5,500 receiving yards and 40 receiving touchdowns within his first five career seasons.

His stats above land him in the company of Mike Evans, A.J. Green, Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Randy Moss, Marvin Harrison, and Jerry Rice.


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