Dallas Cowboys' Head Coach Mike McCarthy fined $100k

 | June 17, 2022


The head coach was not only fined, but the team was docked a 2023 OTA as well.


Due to the Dallas Cowboys violating rules regarding offseason practices, the team has for the second straight year lost a 2023 OTA. Along with that, Mike McCarthy has been assessed a $100k fine for his part in the violations.

This information was revealed by owner Jerry Jones, the violation is that the NFL found practices run by the Cowboys to be too physical. Last season, McCarthy was fined $50k and the Cowboys were fined $100k.

In 2021, a total of three teams were fined for this reason, including the Dallas Cowboys. The others were the San Francisco 49ers and the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars were fined the most out of the three at $200k.

During a team-building event, it was revealed that the veterans were excused from work on Thursday and the rookies had their final meeting with their coaches and a last weight-lifting session.

Here's what McCarthy said in regards to cutting the minicamp short: "I think the biggest thing is you have a starting line and finish line and I just felt like we crossed the finish line, particularly with the veterans."

He added: "And really today's focus was just really spending final time with the rookies. I think they had their opportunity to get their final lift in for this week, spend a bunch of individual time with the coordinators and assistant coaches and really frankly focus on the five-week plan that's in front of them."

Last season, the Cowboys led the NFL in points scored per game at 31.2 and ranked seventh in points allowed per game at 21.1. The Cowboys made it to the post-season, losing to the San Francisco in the Wild Card game. 

In conclusion, McCarthy said: "Everything we wanted to accomplish in the offseason was completed, and really the focus turns to their individual five-week plan."

The Cowboys will open their season against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on September 11.


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