NBA Free Agency News: July 7th Signings & Statements

 | July 7, 2022


Caleb Martin signs an extension with the Heat, and Gobert eyes a championship in Minnesota.


Free agency in the NBA usually means a lot of signings, but this week plenty of players have received an extension. Along with that, some players are fitting in at their new homes.

One of these players that received an extension was Caleb Martin of the Miami Heat. Martin agreed to a 3-year, $20m deal to return to Miami. The Heat originally announced the signing on Wednesday but didn’t include the details. 

Heat President Pat Riley said: “Caleb is a multi-position player with tremendous energy that had a career year with us. He works hard and deserves this as much as any young player in the league. We are extremely happy he has decided to come back.”

Martin was a restricted free agent at the start of free agency, allowing the Heat to present him with counteroffers. With Miami, Martin scored 9.2 points per game while shooting 50.7% from the field and 41.3% from 3-point range.

Considering the Heat dealt with many injuries during the 2021-22 season, Martin should see the court again this season. Miami also recently agreed to re-sign guard Victor Oladipo. 

In Minnesota, Rudy Gobert is beginning to settle in with his new team. He noted his excitement to be on the same side with a fan base that used to complain about him. 

Gobert also said: “The goal is to win a championship. I came here for that. I didn't come here just to be a good team. I came here to try to take this team to the finals and accomplish that.”

He also went on to comment about his time in Utah stating: “The window for winning is not always big. For us in Utah, that's kind of what happened. I think the organization felt like that.”

With Gobert on the roster, the Timberwolves now have their big three of Gobert, Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards. 


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