NBA Board of Governors will vote to make "play-in" permanent

 | July 12, 2022


The format will be voted upon and is expected to be approved on Tuesday, July 12.


This shouldn’t be much of a shock to anyone that the play-in tournaments will likely stick around in the NBA. The NBA Board of Governors is expected on Tuesday to approve the play-in tournament as a regular part of future league seasons.

So far, the NBA had been voting on the play-in's inclusion on a year-to-year basis for the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 seasons. 

At this point, many believe it is an integral part of the season and should be a permanent fixture. On Tuesday, the new measure is expected to be approved and put into action going forward.

In a more shocking update, the board is expected to pass a rule that penalizes the "take foul" on fast breaks. What will happen now is a free throw and possession of the ball for the offense. This is vastly different than the stoppage of play and the current format.

Many in favor of the play-in tournament believe that it helps curb tanking behavior. The NBA believes that the tournament, and the flattening of lottery odds for teams with the worst records, incentivized fewer teams to shoot for the bottom of the standings.

There could also be a change to the league's regular-season calendar -- the in-season tournament -- is expected to be a subject of further discussion at Tuesday's meeting.

Commissioner Adam Silver and the league have been in discussions regarding the in-season tournament and its impact on the schedule. Both the play-in and in-season tournaments need to be collectively bargained with the players union

The in-season tournament in question would start with pool play as part of the regular-season schedule prior to teams with the best records advancing to an eight-team, single-elimination tournament expected to culminate before Christmas.

There is also a proposal to shorten the season from 82 to 78 games. 


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