Baltimore Orioles draft 7-foot left-hander Jared Beck

 | July 21, 2022


If Beck makes it to the majors, he'd be the tallest MLB player in history.


With their 13th-round draft pick, the Baltimore Orioles selected Jared Beck a 7-foot LHP that could go down as the tallest player in MLB history.

The O's selected 7-foot left-hander Jared Beck from Saint Leo University. Beck’s height isn’t all that he’s good for either as he’s struck out 105 batters in 68 1/3 innings for Division II Saint Leo this season, posting a 3.95 ERA.

Baltimore draft director Brad Ciolek noted that there would be some adjustments for the pitcher to make. This would include managing his extra long limbs and improving his breaking ball and change-up.

Ciolek said: “Jared's a really interesting case. Obviously, he's a little bit of a bigger guy, and that might take a little bit more, I guess, in terms of delivery, refining his mechanics. But we have faith in our player-development staff, our pitching coaches, that they'll be able to get the most out of his ability.”

There have been minor league players that have the size of Beck. However, none of them have made it to the major league platform.

The Orioles also had the number one pick in the draft this year and selected Jackson Holliday, top prospect and son of former major leaguer Matt Holliday.

At the moment, the Orioles are at the bottom of the AL East with a record of 46-46 this season. Pitching has been a concern the entire year and Beck could help after he’s developed a bit.

His performance will determine how quickly he’s moved up through the ranks or if he’s kept in the minors.


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