Charles Barkley comments on LIV Golf interest

 | July 22, 2022


The NBA Hall of Famer turned commentator is ready for any blowback surrounding LIV Golf.


Charles Barkley has acknowledged that he’s met with LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman about a possible broadcasting role. However, he’s not concerned with any of the “selective outrage”.

LIV Golf, the Saudi-funded league, has received negative attention from the PGA Tour and other golf personalities and stars as well.

Barkley also said that any deal proposed by LIV Golf would need to be highly lucrative to draw him away from his current job as an NBA analyst for TNT and spokesperson for multiple companies.

Barkley said: “In a perfect scenario, I would love to do both [TNT and LIV]. I don't know how Turner's sponsors are going to feel about it. I know there is going to be some blowback.”

He also mentioned that he’s heard from multiple sponsors after word got out that he spoke with Norman. This is due to the Saudi government being accused of human rights abuses as well as the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Barkley continued: “They checked in with me. What I told Subway, Capital One and Dick's Sporting Goods, I said, 'Wait a minute. I haven't signed anything. I haven't met with the guy. Let's let this thing play out before you all call me all upset.”

Barkley also stated: “I told [Norman], 'Listen, they are making up words, like blood money and sportswashing. We have all taken blood money, and we all have sportswashed something, so I don't like those words, to be honest with you.”

He went on to tell the Washington Post that he will play in the LIV Golf pro-am tournament which will take place next week.


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