Davante Adams clears up the Rodgers-Carr comparison

 | July 25, 2022

The Las Vegas Raiders receiver stated he "wasn't a great rapper" that day.


Often times players' comments get taken out of context which is exactly what happened to Davante Adams. He’s now come forward to correct what he said and enlighten the press.

The comment in question was when Adams said: “Anytime you change quarterbacks from Hall of Famer to Hall of Famer ... it's going to be a little bit of an adjustment.”

The initial reaction was that Adams was putting Derek Carr in the same Hall of Fame status as Aaron Rodgers. Some understood the comparison while others balked at the idea.

Adams hasn’t retracted his statement but provided further enlightenment in regard to it.

Adams said: “Being a rapper, it's very vital, you've got to have the bars, obviously. You know you've got to have the bars. The line's got to be there. But a very, very vital and critical piece of being a rapper is the delivery, right? I wasn't a great rapper the other day.”

He continued: “What I'm not going to do is take away from that statement because, why is Derek not a Hall of Famer? What I meant, I left one key word out of there because that's not exactly what I meant.”

Adams added: “But I do think that Derek's career is Hall of Fame-worthy, and why not? Does he have the MVPs right now? No. Has he won a Super Bowl? Not yet. That's obviously what we're chasing.”

The wide receiver goes on to defend Carr who is entering his ninth NFL season, a three-time Pro Bowler and who holds virtually every passing record in Raiders franchise history.

With Adams having his back and being the best receiver in the NFL, Carr is set for an incredible season.


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