MLBPA rejects an international draft proposal from MLB

 | July 26, 2022

The league noted it was disappointed in the association's choice.


Both the Major League Baseball Player’s Association and Major League Baseball have gone back and forth in regard to a new international draft proposal.

Each side exchanged a total of four proposals this month, including two last weekend and neither side was able to come to an agreement in regard to guaranteed money to future international amateur players.

At the end of a long statement, the MLBPA wrote: “At their core, each of our proposals was focused on protecting against the scenario that all Players fear the most -- the erosion of our game on the world stage, with international players becoming the latest victim in baseball's prioritization of efficiency over fundamental fairness.”

“The League's response fell well short of anything Players could consider a fair deal.”

Major League Baseball also issued a statement: “MLB worked to reach an agreement with the MLBPA to reform the international amateur system in ways that would address longstanding challenges and benefit future players.”

The statement continued: “We are disappointed the MLBPA chose the status quo over transitioning to an international draft that would have guaranteed future international players larger signing bonuses and better educational opportunities, while enhancing transparency to best address the root causes of corruption in the current system.”

The MLBPA and MLB ultimately agreed to table discussions during CBA negotiations.

Considering they were unable to come to an agreement, the format will stay the same. Amateur players from the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico will be subject to the domestic draft -- formally called the Rule 4 draft taking place every summer.


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