NFL News of the Day: Offseason moves by two NFC West teams

 | July 28, 2022

A ceremonial one-day contract and the release of a 49ers defensive end led the day.


The Seattle Seahawks decided against bringing back linebacker K.J. Wright and he followed it up with the announcement of his retirement on Wednesday.

He signed a ceremonial one-day contract Wednesday to retire as a member of the Seattle Seahawks. His retirement marked the end of an 11-year playing career that included 10 seasons as a starter.

Wright spent his 2021 season with the Las Vegas Raiders and was interested in playing this season but only with the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks, however, are more focused on keeping their group young and fresh.

Head Coach Pete Carroll said it was a “real emotional” ceremony as Wright had several family members with him.

Of the ceremony, Carroll commented: “It was emotional for all of us. It was a big deal for K.J. to finally put his name on the dotted line for the last time.

“There was a moment there where we were looking at 11 seasons and 230 games and all the years that he played. He was just trying to suck it up and absorb it and ... he just got emotional about it like you'd think he should and would.”

In other news, the San Francisco 49ers have released defensive end Dee Ford. Several back problems seem to be the cause for the 49ers releasing him.

San Francisco GM John Lynch said: “I don't see a lot of hope in him being a factor for us on the field moving forward.

“We've tried to be as patient as possible, and no fault of Dee, he just ran into a bad situation with his back where he couldn't get healthy. He is rehabbing, but I don't see him being a part of us.”

Ford could be signed to another team but the injuries looming around him make it a tough sell.


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