Ezekiel Elliott planning on sticking with the Dallas Cowboys

 | July 28, 2022

Although he has no money guaranteed after 2022, Elliott plans to stay in Dallas.


It’s never too early for contract talks and Ezekiel Elliott isn’t worried much about it this year. The 2022-23 season is the final guaranteed year of his contract with the Dallas Cowboys.

At the moment, Elliott says that he’s not thinking much about it and doesn’t believe that this will be his last year with Dallas.

Elliott said: “I think it is a big season, but I think you can't look too far down the road. I think if I focus on every day, if I focus on having a good day of camp, if I focus on taking it week by week, I think everything will handle itself.

“And I don't think there's really a reason to look that far down the road. I think if I handle my business every day, then I'll be in a pretty good situation at the end of the season.”

Many players know that how you perform in your final contract year determines your next offers. The problem in Elliott’s case is that he’s struggled to stay healthy through the entire season.

Elliott's $12.4m base salary is fully guaranteed as part of the $90 million extension he signed in 2019. If the Cowboys decide to move on from him the upcoming offseason is the best time to do so.

In regard to his injuries, Elliott said: “It definitely was frustrating and definitely frustrating certain parts of the year, but it's football.

“I think today might be the only day everyone's going to be 100%. From here on out, everyone's going to have a couple bumps and bruises and no one's going to be 100, so just trying to do everything I can off the field to make sure I preserve my health and am ready for Sundays.”

We’ll have to see how this season plays out and whether he returns to Dallas for 2023.


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