LaLiga Chief Tebas would like to see Cristiano Ronaldo in Spain

 | July 29, 2022

The LaLiga President said he'd welcome the return of the veteran.


There have been reports that Cristiano Ronaldo will head from Manchester United forward to Atletico Madrid. Apparently, Ronaldo has already had talks with top members of Man Utd.

Atletico has been named as a potential destination should Ronaldo finally leave Old Trafford.

Tebas told reporters: “I would like to see Cristiano Ronaldo in LaLiga again.

“Whether it is feasible or not for Atletico Madrid, I do not know. There would have to be some player departures if they wanted to [sign him]. To sign a player of that level, you must make room [financially].”

Apparently, some fans don’t want Ronaldo to join the club due to his time as a rival at Real Madrid.

In a statement this week, Atletico's International Union of Fan Clubs said: “Ronaldo represents the antithesis of the values that constitute the hallmarks of our Atleti, such as the effort, generosity, modesty and humility of those who want to defend our values.

“As such, we ask the club to reject his possible signing, if it has indeed been considered at any time.”

Frankly, the supporters of the club don’t have much of a say in the matter. If Atletico Madrid decides to bring him aboard, Ronaldo could grow on the fans.

The real question is whether or not the club can actually pull off the move. Ronaldo could be demanding quite a bit of money in order to leave Manchester United.

Considering he’s 37 years old, Ronaldo probably doesn’t have much time on the pitch left. It might be smarter for Atletico Madrid to avoid signing him.


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