Seahawks and DK Metcalf agree to terms

 | July 29, 2022

The wide receiver signed a three-year $72m extension, keeping him with the team.


After a long battle, the Seattle Seahawks are keeping DK Metcalf with the team for the next three years. Although it wasn’t a surprising move, it did take a bit longer than expected.

Metcalf signed a three-year $72m extension with a $30m guaranteed signing bonus. The $24 million new-money average of his extension makes Metcalf the Seahawks' highest-paid player.

His becoming the highest-paid player on the team shouldn’t be a problem considering he’s the best one in the group. He’s been a reliable receiver since the beginning but now faces a new issue.

Without Russell Wilson throwing to him, just how well will Metcalf fit in with the new offense? Many thought that Metcalf could find a new home because of this.

However, Head Coach Pete Carroll was pretty sure the deal would get done.

In June, Carroll said: “I'm not less optimistic, no. We've been through this for years. It's a challenging time. We've had so many high-profile guys that have gone through this process, and how's that worked out for us?

“We've figured it out in time. John is on it. He's as experienced as you can get at handling this stuff and DK's got great representation and DK is a heck of a kid. But there's no way of avoiding the first time of this, the first time of what it feels like and the experience of it and all of that.

“He's a remarkable person. He's a wonderful player. He has so much to offer the world and all, I just don't want him to miss this opportunity to where we can't figure it out. So we'll do everything we can.”

Over his first three seasons, Metcalf has a combined 216 catches for 3,170 yards and 29 touchdowns.


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