NFL appeals Deshaun Watson's suspension

 | August 4, 2022

The league is seeking a tougher penalty for Watson instead of a six-game suspension.


In a rather surprising move by the NFL, the league is seeking a tougher penalty for Deshaun Watson. Earlier this week Sue L. Robinson ruled that the quarterback would be suspended for six games.

In a statement, the league notified the Player’s Association (NFLPA) that it would appeal and then filed its brief Wednesday afternoon.

The league also noted that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will determine who will hear the appeal. Goodell can consider the appeal himself or designate someone to the role.

A source told ESPN that the NFL is appealing for an indefinite suspension at a minimum of a year along with a monetary fine.

The NFLPA has until Friday to file a written response to the NFL's appeal and it’s also been said that the NFLPA was preparing to sue the NFL in federal court if it appealed Robinson's decision.

The Cleveland Browns had no comment on the recent news surrounding Watson.

Robinson issued the six-game suspension Monday, writing in her 16-page report that “the NFL carried its burden to prove, by a preponderance of the evidence, that Mr. Watson engaged in sexual assault (as defined by the NFL) against the four therapists identified in the Report.”

In the report, Robinson found that Watson engaged in conduct that posed “a genuine danger to the safety and well-being of another person, and conduct that undermines or puts at risk the integrity of the NFL.”

Although recommended by the NFL that Watson be suspended for the entire year, Robinson ruled on a six-game suspension.

The final ruling will be part of an expedited process and whenever the ruling is made it will be binding to all parties.


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