Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Sean McVay comments on Staffords' injury

 | August 5, 2022

The quarterback's elbow injury is "abnormal" according to McVay.


The latest news out of the Los Angeles Rams’ camp is that Matthew Stafford’s elbow injury could be flaring up again. The quarterback got it looked at over the offseason but didn’t underdog surgery.

Instead, Stafford received an injection in the elbow that was meant to alleviate the pain. The starting quarterback didn’t throw during Spring Training as the team is trying to be smart with his throwing arm.

Head Coach Sean McVay compared the injury to something that pitchers deal with. In his own terms, this injury is “abnormal” for a quarterback.

During the 7-on-7 drills, Stafford threw a few times but didn’t take part in the team reps. McVay noted that he doesn’t expect Stafford to do so until after the Rams leave for Irvine on August 10.

McVay commented: “Could he do it? Yes. Is that the best thing? We didn't think so. And I think I've got a responsibility to try to make decisions that are in the best alignment using medical experts and talking with Matthew.

“And so all of those things combined led to where we're at right now. And it is an ever-evolving process, but we are really taking over these next couple weeks, seeing how they go.”

Considering the season is about to start, McVay stated that: “[You] want to try to have him operate in as little pain as possible.”

“I think anytime that you've played as long and are as tough as he is, I don't know if you're ever truly pain-free, but the goal would be for Sept. 8 and really looking towards 17 games then hopefully some games after that if we earn that opportunity.”

McVay noted that the passes Stafford have thrown look great. The question is will this lingering injury cause him to miss games during the 2022-23 season?


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