Manchester United Erik ten Hag comments on Ronaldo

 | August 5, 2022

The Man Utd. coach feels criticism surrounding Ronaldo is "not right".


Cristiano Ronaldo was targeted by the media for leaving early after the friendly match with Rayo Vallecano. However, Erik ten Hag noted that Ronaldo wasn’t the only one to do it.

This week, Hag also stated that it was “unacceptable” for players to leave early but Ronaldo shouldn’t be singled out for it.

In a Friday news conference, Hag commented: “Now I have to point, those who left, there were many players who left but the spotlight is on Cristiano, that is not right, so do your research and make out many players left.

“You mention it, you correct them, then move on. I think we've said enough on it. I said it's not correct.”

Ronaldo is anticipated to start against Brighton on Sunday after Anthony Martial suffered a hamstring injury.

Although Ronaldo has only played 45 minutes this season, Hag is happy with his club.

Hag stated: “I'm satisfied with the whole team, we're working good, good culture and Cristiano is working really tough and hard.

“I'm really happy [to have Ronaldo]. I told you before, we have a top striker, really happy he's here with the squad and we stick to the plan.”

It has been said that the team is still looking for a midfielder and a forward before the deadline on Sep. 1. Most expect Manchester United to make a move for Barcelona midfielder Frenkie de Jong.

In regard to this, Hag added: “It's about the right players and I cannot give comments on a player under contract at another club.

“When you work with the current squad and develop players in your current squad, in this moment we have players in that position [midfield] and perform really well.”

The club's next game is on August 7 on the road against Brighton.



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