MLB competition committee set to vote on Friday

 | September 9, 2022

Rule changes will take effect in 2023 and could include the first-ever pitch clock.


Several items are on the docket to be voted on by the MLB competition committee on Friday. One of the new additions would be the addition of the first-ever pitch clock.

The elimination of the shift, bigger bases and a limit to how many times a pitcher can disengage from the rubber will also be voted on.

The goal of the competition committee is to increase action on the field, quicken the pace and reduce the amount of time it takes to play a major league game.

These are the new rules to be voted on:

  • A 15-second pitch clock with the bases empty and a 20-second clock with runners on.
  • Two disengagements from the rubber -- including pickoff attempts -- per plate appearance.
  • A requirement by hitters to be in the batter's box and "alert" with eight seconds to go on the clock. Hitters are
  • allowed one timeout per plate appearance.
  • Only two infielders will be allowed on each side of second base, with all four required to be on the dirt (or inner grass).
  • Infielders cannot position themselves on the outfield grass before the pitch is thrown.
  • Bases will increase in size from 15 inches squared to 18

Many believe that the increase in base size will reduce injuries around them while increasing stolen base attempts. Both of these outcomes occurred in the minors when the bigger bases were first tested.

In regard to the shift, umpires will monitor infielders to make sure they are properly aligned before the ball leaves a pitcher's hand.

The rules state that If a pitch is thrown while the defending team is in violation of the new shift rules, the hitting team can choose the outcome of the ensuing play or a ball for the hitter.


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