Rams Head Coach Sean McVay comments on loss

 | September 9, 2022

The coach shouldered the blame for the 31-10 loss to the Bills last night.


After a tough 31-10 loss to the Buffalo Bills on Thursday Night Football, Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Sean McVay called it a "humbling experience."

This was a tough loss for anyone to sit through, especially since the Rams are the reigning Super Bowl champions. However, McVay took the blame for the loss during a post-game press conference.

McVay commented: “When you look at a lot of the ways that this game unfolded, [I] feel a huge sense of responsibility to this team.

“We weren't ready to go. I take a lot of pride in that, and that's on me. I've got to do better. There were a lot of decisions that I made that I felt like didn't put our players in good enough spots.

“So it was a humbling experience, but we're going to stay connected. We're going to all look inward. We're going to do a better job moving forward.”

However, we aren’t going to put the blame solely on McVay, his starting quarterback Matthew Stafford is definitely responsible for a sizable portion of the loss.

Stafford went 29-of-41 passing for 240 yards, TD, 3 INTs, and a 63.1 passer rating and was sacked seven times last night.

Reporters asked if the noise level in SoFi Stadium played a factor in last night’s game.

Stafford replied: “I mean, we prepared for it. We prepared to be on the silent count at home again. But it wasn't something that we haven't done before.”

Cooper Kupp, the teams leading wide receiver, added: “Once you go to silent count, you lose the advantage offensively to be able to get off the ball.

“So ideally, you don't want to be doing silent.”

Kupp caught 3 passes for 128 yards and a touchdown in the 31-10 loss on Thursday.


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